This Kitten Video Might Just Save The Great Barrier Reef! WOW!

Dr Charlie Veron, is a world expert on corals. He has a message for everyone regarding how global warming affects the corals in our seas. He has tried everything for his message to be heard. And so to attract everyone’s attention, he teamed up with an adorable kitty named Fluffy and made a video!

This kitten video that Dr Charlie and Fluffy made has a powerful message about the impact of global warming that creates acidity in the oceans. This acidity can kill corals and eventually all the sea shells, crabs, prawns and crustaceans which build shells to survive. Dr Charlie further explains that the big four Aussie banks are funding lots of coal and fossil fuel extractions, and they may fund the huge Adani mine for central Queensland. FYI, coal burning is the single biggest cause of global warming. This means that these banks could be funding the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

Dr Charlie says that if these big banks won’t change, then maybe it’s time we should change banks; banks that don’t help in destroying the corals.

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