This Kitten Was Not Going To Survive. What This Dog Does To Save Her Life Is Amazing! OMG!

There is nothing like a good cuddle to bring you back to life. When you’re tired and weary from a long day of work, or a difficult week, a good hug can sometimes really save the day. Sure, stretching out on the bed, or taking a long nap is good, too. But there is something about a warm embrace that has healing powers. The loving dog and the innocent kitten in this inspiring video show us just how powerful a good snuggle can be.

This is the story of Lilo and baby Rosie. Lilo is a Siberian Husky with an instinct for motherhood. Baby Rosie is a foster kitten who was in bad shape. She was on the verge of letting go. Lilo was able to share her warmth with the young kitten and give her a reason to keep pushing. The kitten absorbed all the love Lilo had to give and managed to survive to see another day.

Seeing them together is a true gift. Lilo smothers little Rosie with kisses as they snuggle up for a good nap. Rosie climbs around on the big dog, whose head is about four times as big as Rosie’s entire body.

Even though one of these friends is a dog and the other a cat, they both share a common appreciation for the benefits of kindness. Is there someone special in your life you deserves a good hug, too?

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