This Lion Has Lived In A Cage All His Life. When He’s Free At Last, I Can’t Stop Crying!

The poor lion in the following video had been locked in a cage and kept in captivity for 13 long years. I couldn’t control my tears when he finally got rescued! Seeing him roll on the grass and run around for the first time in years was too emotional for me to handle! He is named Will and this big cat was born in captivity. The relief on his face when he tastes freedom at last is heart-warming!

Ranchos dos Gnomos is the Brazilian sanctuary that rescued Will. They clarify that he couldn’t be released back into the wild because he was born in captivity and he also has veterinary needs that they need to attend to. Will has many marks of abuse; internal, external, and psychological. But thankfully due to the amazing works of organizations like Ranchos dos Gnomos, suffering animals like this lion are getting a second life.

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