This little girl & her doggie siblings have the cutest routine

Hillary and her partner had always worked towards rescuing dogs. The couple lived with their 6 rescue dogs & their adorable daughter, Melanie. The young lady and her dog siblings are known to do everything together.

Little Melanie and her dogs had the cutest routine. Her dogs had to eat their meals in a high chair & the adorable little girl loved to help them get on them. She even brought over their home-cooked meals.

Hillary had chosen this unorthodox method to feed her dogs because they suffered from megaesophagus. As a result, the innocent creatures were unable to swallow food normally. In addition, the muscles were so weak that they lacked the motility to move food and water.

Their Bailey chairs helped the food get into their stomach. Then, the 6 dogs informed their family when it was time to eat. Then, all 6 of them would start howling crazily inside their house.

All the dogs had their own neck pillows, which were like a security blanket for them, and they loved it a lot. The little girl and her dog siblings basically did everything together. Amongst Melanie’s 6 dogs, Penny, the Husky, was their youngest rescue.

The family was now training Penny to use her chair. It took her a day or two to learn to sit on the chair. Hillary had been rescuing puppies for different rescue teams. They had contacted her asking if she could help them take care of the rescue puppy born with megaesophagus.

Soon, the dog’s parents brought her home, and Penny was the easiest puppy that the family had ever had. The little one was adorable. All the dogs were of the same age, and the family felt like the pets were a blessing.

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This little girl & her doggie siblings have the cutest routine