This little puppy has become infatuated with a gigantic Great Dane. What a curious circumstance!

Everyone growing up as a role model. We all need someone to look up to. It turns out the humans are not the only ones who live by this mantra. In this video we see that dogs are exactly the same.

This tiny puppy has a lot of growing up to do before he can be as big as his friend. This tiny puppy follows around Sasha the Great Dane. The puppies plan is to learn as much as he can from Sasha to become big and strong like her. Even though the two dogs, physically, don’t have much in common that doesn’t mean that the little dog can’t learn.

This puppy is AWAL from his kennel at the MuttShack Animal Rescue. Sasha said more interest in the little puppy than the other dogs and this little puppy has taken as a sign that they will be friends forever. This video of intergenerational worship is really cute.

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