This Man Goes To Great Lengths For His Paraplegic Dog.

This is one of the most heart-warming stories of devotion and companionship I have ever seen. When Loois the pit bull became a paraplegic after an accident during surgery, his owner Craig Mosher was not going to take the easy way out. Determined to do whatever he can to ensure that Loois continues to have as fulfilling a life as possible, Craig practically schedules his entire life around Loois.

The cost of a wheelchair from the well-respected company K9 Carts starts at over $220, whereas the harness Craig uses for his daily walks and for playing catch in his garage starts at only $35. It’s a difficult reality that many loving homes are limited in the kind of care they can provide for ailing pets because of finances. We don’t know Craig’s financial situation, but he is clearly not lacking in love. The most telling part of his story is not what Craig does, but how he describes it. At no point does Craig seem tired or even express regret over Loois’ situation. Instead, he is just filled with gratitude over the ways Loois enriches his life.

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