This Man Rescued A Dog Who Had Been Suffering From Neglect For More Than A Decade!

Every day for three years Jared Piper would pass this chained up dog. Jared noticed that the dog was always tied up and he was agitated all the time. He would growl at anyone who came past to try to scare them away. One day Jared decided that he would not be scared away by this dog.

He hung around the dog and made no threatening moves and let the dog get used to him. He consoled the dog by telling him that everything was going to be alright. This was just the beginning of an amazing rescue.

Jared renamed the dog Rusty Diamond. Rusty have been chained in that same spot for close to a decade. He never got to run free and he never got to experience real interaction with other dogs or people. See the transformation that Rusty has gone through now that he’s free of the chain.

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