This Mischievous Baby Elephant Falls Into The Waterhole, Who Finally Helps To Get Him Out? Incredible!

Kids are always getting into trouble. Because it is their very nature to explore the world, they often get into mischief. Parents do their best to take care of their kids. But even so, kids still find a way to get into trouble. When this happens, parents will move heaven and Earth to care for their child.

This video shows that this trait is not only found in humans. Watch this mother elephant’s reaction when her baby gets caught in the waterhole. Mum tries everything that she can to help the baby out, but nothing she tries is enough.

That’s when the whole herd gets involved. They come in and help the baby out of his predicament. This is such a great video, because it really shows that teamwork always allows you to do more than anything you can do on your own.

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