This Poor Cat Is Tangled In Christmas Lights. But I Was In Disbelief At What Happened Next

Christmas is quickly approaching. I am sure many of you have already started getting involved in decorations and buying gifts. It is no doubt one of the best days of the year. Christmas carols, feasts, gifts. What there not to love right? But sometimes things don’t go as you plan them, and you end up having a calamity. Like the calamity Mog the cat had.

Everyone’s favorite clumsy cat has come back for this heartwarming story about saving Christmas. Mog is an accident-prone kitty who was created by illustrator Judith Kerr in 1970. Sadly she was killed off in 2002 in a book called “Goodbye, Mog”. UK-based supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has however brought her back for this beautiful commercial. It is narrated by Academy Award winner Emma Thompson and Judith Kerr herself appears on the 2:26 mark.