This Poor Deer Was Run Over By A Car… When That Man Picks Her Up, I Can’t Stop My Tears!

This video features one of the most intense and beautiful rescues ever. The female roe deer in this clip was hit by a car and she suffered from a few deep cuts on her head. Simon Cowell, the founder of Wildlife Aid Foundation decided to take her to the hospital.

Time plays a big role when it comes to rescuing a deer. These creatures suffer from a complex disease called “capture myopathy”. This illness is associated with the capture or handling of any wild animal. A deer can die of capture myopathy when it becomes too stressed. So for that reason, Emma, the vet, quickly stitched the wounds and rushed back with Simon to where the deer was found. Once they were back in the woods, the deer struggled to stand up and she wasn’t even showing any will to live. But Simon didn’t give up. After a lot of effort from his part, she managed to stand on her own, but failed to take her first step.

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