This Pup’s Complete Phobia Of Stairs Caused Him To Invent An Entirely New Mode Of Locomotion!

The world is often a scary place. And it’s the most dangerous to babies. When you experience things for the first time in your life you can suffer from trepidation and anxiety. This cute little Labrador knows what I’m talking about.

Many puppies have a terrible relationship with stairs. They are just the wrong size to be able to handle them. But this little puppy knows how to persevere. He has developed a method that conquers stairs, in a fashion.

If you have to take the stairs he gets quite anxious. He is not quite big enough yet to be able to properly negotiate them. So he has developed an ingenious plan. When you see how this little dog handles the stairs your smile will go from ear to ear. This is pretty funny, and pretty ridiculous.

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