This Smart Jack Russel Terrier Give His Baby Best-Friend Pointers On How To Crawl! AWWW!

Videos of puppies and babies being close pals are all I need to get over a long day of work. Their natural interaction, complete innocence and the love they put into exploring their environment give these clips an absolute cleansing power.

I don’t think Mom or Dad were expecting to see this! When their cute 5-month-old baby tries to learn how to crawl, Dad turns on the camera and starts recording. But watch what the family Jack Russell Terrier does the moment he sees the baby crawling. He obviously has some pointers on the best way to crawl

I love the way the baby reacts, trying to imitate the puppy’s movements, it is obvious that these two are best friends and can add one more thing to their list of accomplishments together. It’s always heartwarming to see kids interact with pets at such a young age because this eventually blossoms into a lifelong companionship.

Take a look at the video yourself, I guarantee you’ll be smiling non-stop after you finish watching these bundles of joy that quite obviously get along fantastically!

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