This Tiny Puppy Cuddling Up To A Newborn Baby Is Just The Cutest!

It’s no secret that puppies and babies just kind of go together, like peanut butter and jelly or any other perfect combination. Pets teach kids about things like sharing, responsibility, friendship and love. Just take a look at this adorable little girl and her Beagle best friend together and you’ll see why every kid deserves to grow up with a dog…and vice versa!

Many people tend to believe that having a baby and a puppy together are really hard work. They’re right, caring for these little lives are not for everyone, but hard work usually has the best payoffs and it couldn’t be truer when talking about family. In this video, we meet a seriously adorable little baby named Eisleigh. This newborn may only be about 10 weeks old in the video, but as you can see, she already knows what true friendship is all about.

As baby Eisleigh’s mom, Brandi, started recording her in her comfy baby chair, the most adorable thing I’ve possible ever seen happens, as the family pup Clyde waddles over.
If this doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will!

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