This Toddler Might Have Learned A Thing Or Two From Mom & Dad…And It’s Just Too Cute

While planning a wedding, most couples think about the important things like the menu, seating arrangements, and toasts. But we bet this couple never thought to plan an Elvis tribute dance at their reception – luckily this little guy’s got them covered.

Obviously an avid Elvis fan, 2-year-old William Stokkebroe couldn’t stop himself when “Jailhouse Rock” came on. As this toddler clears the dance floor with his adorable moves, we can’t help but laugh along with the crowd.

But William isn’t your typical 2-year-old. You see, he’s been training for this moment for quite some time, surreptitiously spying on his mom and dad’s dance lessons at Studie 43, a Denmark based dance studio.

On the day of his big reveal, he’s got his moves down to a science, with synchronized toe taps and arm flourishes sprinkled throughout the routine. With moves like this, this kid’s sure to have a bright future in dance, and we can’t wait to see him on the big stage soon!

This Toddler Might Have Learned A Thing Or Two From Mom & Dad...And It’s Just Too Cute