This traffic reporter’s terrific parody of ‘Let It Go’ has the internet in fits of laughter

This past winter has been one of the worst on record around the world and it looks like its set to continue this trend every single year. With the advent of global warming it often seems like we’re entering a new ice age early! We’ve certainly been “frozen” over the past few months, and the wintry weather seems to continue further into spring, with snow still falling as late as May in some places!

Of course, this weather is manageable in the mountains where it should really remain, as many people make their livelihood off a good snowfall! But in the city, snow is only really welcomed by school children so they can get a snow-day and don’t have to go to class! For the rest of us, the bad weather can cause a lot of problems.

From not being able to get to work to slipping on the ice and injuring ourselves, snow and ice get in the way. Accidents on the roads can be very common as people don’t know how to drive properly in the snow. The elderly and infirm are at risk in their own homes if the heating breaks down. And of course, the winter weather can cause fatalities as a result. We all must chip in to help our communities through such trying times.

And we must be of good cheer too! Putting a light-hearted spin on things can go a long way to breaking up the depressingly long, cold winter. And in this case, serve as a useful reminder to not go out when it’s particularly bad. Bob Herzog is something of a local celebrity where he presents the weather report on a Cincinnati news channel. He’s known for singing parody songs to accompany his important information, and this one has the internet in stitches.

Bob’s version of the hit song “Let it Go” from the musical “Frozen,” has been changed to “Just Don’t Go,” when trying to convince viewers it’s better to stay at home than attempt to journey out on the roads during a particularly bad snowfall. And while his song might raise a smile and a chuckle, there’s a serious message behind it. What a great way to get the point across!

If Bob ever gets tired of the weather report, maybe he can audition for Broadway! Watch his hilarious song in the link below and pass it on to family and friends who might be tempted to still drive in horrible weather!