This Viral Michael Bublé Video Has Parents In Tears

Michael Buble

It Took the Near Loss of His Son’s Life for Micheal Buble to Come Up With This Song’s Lyrics

Michael Buble had to put his blooming career aside for two years, when he and his wife, Luisana, found out that their oldest son Noah, had been diagnosed with liver cancer. Noah was lucky enough to make a full recovery. A life experience which had a definite effect on Michel’s ability to write about love and loss with a new sentiment about it, he never had before.

His first release after his return, recorded late in 2017, was focused on love. This also turned out to be the title of his album. The album contains the self-written song “Forever Now” and clearly refers to truly important moments in life and love that goes beyond the limitations of time.

With Buble’s distinctive focus on the lyrics of his songs, one can experience the heartfelt emotions behind every verse of his lyrics. Let Buble tell you in his own words and voice about the love of children. Since his video of this song was published on YouTube it went viral and had over 7 million views already within the first six months.

In 2018 Buble went public on the “The Late Late Show with James Cordon,” thanking Jesus Christ for his 5-year-old son’s cancer remission.

This Viral Michael Bublé Video Has Parents In Tears