This X Factor Rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ Is Sending Chills Down Everyone’s Spine

An X-Factor Finale Performance of ‘O Holy Night’ by Jeff GuttIt was a risky decision considering the level that Celine Dion lifted this timeless hymn to in her rendition, but X-Factor finalist Jeff Gutt managed to pull it off. His version of ‘O Holy Night’ owned the song, reinventing it into something that can only be described as a heavenly tribute, and utter masterpiece.

Fans recall this as the almost perfect way for this superstar to end his journey on the voice. His performance conveyed power, emotion, range, and pristine vocal control that few can accomplish. Despite his best effort and a truly beautiful song, he fell just short of his goal, leaving us with a song that is treasured if not crowned.

Regardless of the X-Factor result, this rendition of O Holy Night exceeds all expectations, making it an epic track for easy listening during every Christmas season. His harmony transcends the arrangement itself, presenting a rock rework that no one expected, but everyone loves.

This X Factor Rendition of  \'O Holy Night\' Is Sending Chills Down Everyone\'s Spine