He Thought The Babysitter Was Hurting That Baby. Now Watch What This Cat Did To Defend Him! WOW!

Dogs are often considered to be more affectionate, caring, and protecting than cats. When it comes to their babies or their owners, they are always portrayed as being defensive. People usually think this is not the case with cats. But this clip is definitely going to prove them wrong. Wait till you see what this tiny cat in the video did to protect his loved one!

This camera footage shows a tiny feline protecting a human child with all his might. The little boy and his sitter were playing ball when a minor mishap caused a glass to break. The kid gets startled and when the resident kitty hears all the unwarranted commotions, he comes running to assess the situation. It was a tiny misunderstanding, but the how the cat reacts and defends his little human is touching to say the least!

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