They Thought Their Boy Would Not Heal. But When A Dog Did THIS? Astounding!

Caleb, the young boy that you will meet in the video below, was only 6 years old when tragedy truck his life and took almost everything that he had become used to… It’s very harsh when you see cases of people whose life took a complete turn at one point, but it’s something can happen to any of us.

After he was hit by a car, he was hurt very badly and sustained brain injuries that challenged him severely. His parents did everything that they could, but it seemed there was no possible cure that could help their little boy. Caleb was hospitalized for several months, and he made very little progress at first, but then, they found the most perfect solution.

An angel would come to the help of the little boy, in the form of a therapy dog named Colonel, who turned the little boy’s life upside down once again, but this time, with a beautiful outcome. What seemed impossible was now becoming a great reality, and it was all thanks to man’s best friend.

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