He Thought His Cats Were Being Suspiciously Silent, And He Couldn’t Get Any Work Done

Anybody that has ever owned a cat knows that they just adore to get in the way and interrupt when you are surfing the web. For some very mysterious reason, felines love to lay in laptops and computer keyboards more than anything else, and this feeling only amplifies severely when the computer in question is being used. Maybe it’s because they are warm or maybe they just like hum of the computer, but either way, it makes getting any work done impossible. The cats in the video below, Cole and Marmalade, will show you how this feline phenomenon works.

Their dad had to go to work, just like he does every day, but unfortunately for him, his job is located right at his home, and his two furry felines know it. This might have many comforts and advantages, but it does mean that he is in the most vulnerable place when it comes to cat attacks and interruptions. It’s as if he lived “Take your cat to work day” every single day!

You can see how Cole and Marmalade check on their dear human to see if his ‘purrroductivity’ is sufficient enough, and while they were doing it, things got out of hand fairly fast! Things don’t always work as you plan them, especially with cats around the house, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be lots of fun, does it?

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