I thought this dog killed a magpie. But pay close attention to the bird. You’ll be shocked!

The internet has shown us a lot of unlikely friendships between animals of different species. I have seen everything from a cat and a dog to a tiger and a goat. The video given below features a beautiful bond between a dog and a bird. Pretty unusual right? But I don’t think it really comes as a big surprise since dogs are capable of making friends with almost any animal!

This magpie and his dog friend are having a grand time playing in the grass. You might feel the dog is being a bit too rough at times, but that doesn’t affect the magpie in the least. They even play an adorable game of catch! And you can even see they them nap together! Their bond is truly special, isn’t it?

This magpie is clearly very familiar with other members of the family, and not just the dog. When mom comes how to hang the clothes on the clothes on the line to dry, the bird walks right up to the basket! Mom is on the phone and takes no notice. She doesn’t see anything strange about a bird walking right up to her, so I think this has happened before.

The bird is not a family pet, but clearly spend a lot of time in this yard. Every time I think the dog has been a bit rough with the bird and the bird is laying on his back, I wonder if he’s going to get up again. He always does! And he hops around, happy to be with his dog friend.

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