They Thought This Dog Was Not Going To Make It. Watch Him A Few Weeks Later!

There are simply some dogs you don’t mess with. Some G.I. Joe badasses, that make Conan the Barbarian look like a three year old throwing a hissy fit. Tough as nail hombres, that take after John “The Duke” Wayne himself.

Curtis, the dog, is one of those type of macho heroes you only see in 80’s actions films. The sort of full fledge compadre, who takes a beating and keeps on ticking.

This amazing Pit Bull, has suffered the sort of injury that would have had Sylvester Stallone crying like a newborn and asking for his mother. He was discovered, shot and left for dead at the outskirts of town.

A deep gunshot wound to the back of his neck. A serious injury that could have easily ended up being fatal. A horrific scene that tested the volunteer’s mettle and strength.

Watch Curtis’ amazing recovery. It takes one hell of a dog to survive such ordeal. It’s something that will scar you not only physically but emotionally as well.

Luckily, thanks to the help of a couple of angels, this pooch managed to acquire the correct medical attention his injuries pleaded for. It was a sticky situation, a bit touch and go there, but the doctors managed to patch Curtis up.

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