I thought he was going to sing. And the moment he started doing this, I lost it! Amazing!

Gennady Tkachenko is the recording artist whose voice can be found in hundreds of yoga music albums. If you come across a piece of particularly soothing and dramatic yoga music, chances are you’re listening to Gennady Tkachenko!

Mr Tkachenko loves his home country with all his heart, so perish the thought: he has no desire to move to the biggest yoga country, the United States, or the birthplace of yoga, India. He is a native of Georgia of the former USSR. Mr Tkachenko is a very private person, so he never let any of his countrymen know about his cornering of the yoga music market.

One day, out of a whimsy Mr Tkachenko decided to play a prank on his countrymen by appearing on Georgia’s Got Talent. On the fateful night, Mr Tkachenko sang his favorite hot yoga number, a technically challenging piece even for him. He dropped a hint about yoga at the beginning: “Let us try to feel what the Mother Earth tells us.” Amazingly no one got the hint and the judges bit it line, hook, and sinker! Not only the judges, every in the concert hall that night was in open-mouthed bewilderment. It was a superhuman effort!

While the audience continued to stand on their feet (a fly could have flown in any of their mouths undetected), the judges fell over themselves trying to hit the Golden Buzzer without saying another word! As you can see from the video, at the sound of the Golden Buzzer Mr Tkachenko had his jaw clenched trying his best not to laugh out loud. You’re the best, Mr Tkachenko!