I Thought It Was Just An Ordinary Cat, Until It Turned Its Head!

Frank and Louie is a very rare cat. He has two names because he is a Janus cat. Named for the Roman God, Janus, this cat has two faces. Most often Janus cats do not live for very long but Frank and Louie ended up getting into the Guinness World Records for their extended lifespan.

Expected to only live a week at most, his owner was told to euthanize him to save him the suffering. But Mrs Stevens couldn’t bring herself to end the life of this remarkable cat. In the end Frank and Louie lived for over 15 years, before eventually succumbing to cancer.

This is a remarkable cat lived a very full and happy life right up to the end. Mrs Stevens even says that she would love to adopt another cat just like Frank and Louie if she ever gets the chance.

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