I Thought That They Were Just Ordinary Household Dogs. When I Learned Their Secret? Amazing!

All dog lovers should be familiar with the incredible work of Hope for Paws by now. This non-profit organisation has saved so many desperate and destitute animals; it’s hard to believe that one group can have such an amazing effect on the world.

In this video the rescuers came to the aid of these3 Chihuahuas that had been dumped on the streets. The poor dog is have been shot at with BB guns and were incredibly frightened.

The rescuers fed the dogs and gained their trust. But even so dealing with three dogs can be very difficult. So the rescuers set up a trap to lure in the dogs. They were able to capture two of the dogs and least the third one. They named these dogs Penny, Brooklyn and Marty. Unfortunately for days after they were rescued Penny died from a heart attack. At least she knew happiness at the end.

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