They Thought This Kitten Was Going To Die, But Then She Met A Husky And Everything Changed

When Rosie the kitten was rescued, she was only three weeks old and in really bad shape. In fact, it looked like she wasn’t going to make it through the first night, despite the efforts her new human parents were making. With the kitten becoming lethargic and limp, they decided it was time to roll the dice and see if Lilo could help. Lilo, you see, is an absolutely gorgeous Siberian husky.

As the name implies the husky comes from Siberia, a vast region in central and eastern Russia. In fact, the Siberian husky comes from about as far out in the Russian far east as you can get, just across the water from Alaska. Huskies were bred as hunting assistants by the Chukchi, the indigenous people in the region. They’ve since become a popular pet, not only for their incredible good looks, but because they get on so well with people and especially, children.

Incredibly, Rosie and Lilo bonded almost instantly, the husky treating the tiny kitten as if she was her own puppy. “By some miracle, she started suckling on Lilo and Lilo went full ‘mom mode.'” One really amazing thing is that the husky gave the kitten plenty of abdominal licking, something that’s absolutely essential for survival. Without it, a kitten’s digestive system will never get working. Not only did Rosie make it through the night, but she gradually got stronger. After just a week with her surrogate mother, Rosie’s eyes opened and she began walking around on her own.

We’ve posted a video about this unusual but ridiculously adorable mom and daughter for you below. If the husky doesn’t give you cuteness overload, the kitten will!

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