Thought your list was done? Nope: the Twelve Days of Christmas… for dogs

“The Twelve Days of Christmas” is one of those songs you either love with a passion or else absolutely can’t stand. The song was first published way back in 1780 in England. It’s a “cumulative song” that repeatedly runs through a list of increasingly lavish gifts given over the course of the 12 days from Christmas to January 5th, the day before Epiphany. There have been different versions of the music, but what’s now standard dates from 1909, including the prolonged “five golden rings.” Beginning in 1984, a major bank has published a tongue-in-cheek “Christmas Price Index,” an attempt to calculate the value of everything listed in the song. It’s currently well over $30,000 (or $150,000 if we count repetitions). Meanwhile, a dog supply store has turned the song into a funny commercial.

If you’ve got pets, you surely consider them to be members of the family. Not surprisingly, people with dogs don’t neglect their canine friends come Christmastime. Fido will have a stocking hanging from the mantle and it probably won’t be able to hold all the doggy presents.

The folks at Bark & Co. certainly understand this: “We’re dog people. Crazy dog people. At BARK, we know that dogs aren’t pets; they’re family. Our people, crazy dog people, believe that their dogs deserve the best. The best treats, the best toys, the best seat on the couch. Together, we’re driven to be the people our dogs think we are.” Among the many possible Christmas gifts for your furry friend, they’ve got: Bear Squeak rugs for tug-o’-war, matching flannel pajamas for you and your dog, a pet hut big enough for you and your dog, various dog blankets, and a toy hot cocoa mug that’s perfect for evenings by the hearth.

Check out the Bark & Co. advertisement we’ve posted below and let us know how you liked it. Are you getting your dog fun treats this Christmas?