If You Thought Being a Mom Was Hard Before, You Won’t Believe What One Mom Goes Through Every Day!

Raising babies is always such an interesting journey. At times, we find it excruciatingly hard and other times we are supremely grateful. They remind of us of a lot of things we once knew when we were young. Yet with time, we find new lessons and ideas to fill our heads with. Complicated and dense ideas that we couldn’t come close to comprehending before. The rush of having more than one kids tends to leave most exhausted. A single parent puts in a whole lot of work and are thanked for it very few times. Yet, their struggle can always be remembered when they see their babies.

I know bedtime in my household when I was young was annoying for my mom. She would come home from a long day of work only to be greeted by two kids full of questions. She was always very patient and kind and other times when she wasn’t, she let us know what was up. She didn’t mean to worry or make us sad over it, times were just tough.

As with most, there are some activities that tend to be universal throughout. The nightmarish attempts to get your kids to eat when they just don’t want to. You may plead or beg, but in the end either they go to bed hungry or they eat that food you worked hard to put on the table.

The mother who takes on these FOUR giggly finicky babies will really make you grateful you are past those points. Or even, on some level, leave you feeling grateful that you could have so much fun playing around with your kids in every aspect of their lives. Even something as unfun as going to bed.
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