I Thought This Was A Normal Car Ride, Until Their Dog Started Doing THIS! Aww… So Sweet!

Dogs are totally adorable creatures who never cease to amaze their owners whenever they have the chance. We have seen many videos where dogs show their awesome skills and talents. This video features a lovely bull dog who has the talent which you may have never seen before!

This dog is a bilingual. Yes! You heard me right! This bull dog completely took me by surprise when he responded his owner even thought his owner was talking in different languages. This dog’s name is Junior but he is definitely not a ‘junior’ when it comes to languages. His owner commands him in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and many more languages, but Junior understands and follows them all.

Check out this dog in the video. What do you think about this bilingual dog? Can your dog speak more than one language? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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