They Thought They Had Rescued A Helpless Mom And Her Pups. But What They Discovered Later?

Hope For Paws, a non-profit organization working for the rescue, rehabilitation and care of stray, helpless, homeless and abused animals, one day got a call about a mom and her three puppies living in a steel yard Compton. They reached the place and found the pups but they couldn’t find the momma around.

Just then she finally showed up so without wasting any time they collected all the pups and took them to the hospital. There they realized one shocking truth. It was not the momma dog with the pups, rather the father of the dogs was actually along. The father of the pups had actually been taking care of all these pups. This surprise was actually heartwarming.

Hope For Paws asked the locals if they had seen the momma of the pups anywhere but they didn’t find the answer. Once the dad and pups were caught, which was no easy task, they were taken to the center and given a bath and medical treatment. They quickly adapted to loving human contact, and they were all happy to sit in Lisa’s lap and play, even the dad.

This rescue was particularly difficult and I have to hand it to Eldad and Lisa Arturo once again. Eldad is a master at catching these dogs and avoiding getting bitten. The father was challenging to control once caught, but Eldad soon calmed him. Once he and puppies were back together, everybody was fine.

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