He Thought He Saw Something Down A 350 Foot Deep Canyon. But When He Climbed Down? OMG!

Zak Anderegg, the owner of this video was hiking around the Arizona desert, inside the mesmerizing canyon which was 350 foot deep. He was there just for the visit, but his adventure led him to something more appalling. Under the big canyon he found an abandoned dog trapped inside.

Zak was surprised as anyone else when he saw a puppy in a very bad state resting inside this canyon. According to him, the way he came down needs rope and any other way is too high for the dog to climb down on his own. This means that someone must have left this poor dog there. Zak immediately brought food and water for this starving dog and brought him back to safety. He later named this dog Riley.

Following his rescue, Riley has appeared in Ellen DeGeneres show and the Inside Edition. Watch this video and share your opinion with us through your comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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