I Thought I Had Seen Beautiful Horses Before, This One Is Off The Charts!

There are few animals with which humans share a very close bond. We have talked about dogs before, their loyalty and special bond with humans. There is another animal that humans are also very close to. They have worked together since the beginning of time. They have been together in the rise and fall of civilizations. There have been fundamental in both work and sport. These animals are horses. For many people, horses are their most loyal friend and companion. There are many stories of horses that can only be ridden by a single person. If another person attempts to ride the horse, he or she will be knocked down to the floor.

This doesn’t mean that horses are mean, it’s more a question of loyalty and bonding. Remember the owner of the horse is usually the person who grooms the horse, bathes the horse, and feeds the horse as well. This person spends a whole lot of time with the horse and this causes the bonding. There are many breeds of horses who are considered to be very beautiful.

Among those breeds, we have the thoroughbred. This horse is used mostly for races. It is a very muscular horse and of course very fast. The riders are usually very light and short. This allows for a specific advantage on races. The lighter the rider and the stronger the horse, the fastest the time. Thoroughbreds are a breed that requires very specific nutrition and exercise habits. In other words, it’s like a modern-day athlete.

Another beautiful breed is the Persian horse. You can see these horses very often in horse shows. As with animal shows, horse shows also have their judging features that must conform to the standard. Any slight deviation will cause them to lose points. The more shows the horse wins the more valuable he is. There are some of these horses that can sell for over $200,000. The breather of these horses also earns a great reputation and more breathers and owners will want to work with him.

There is another brief called Akhal-Teke. This breed is one of the most ancient in the world. They date from about 3000 years. It is a breed known for its short care and features that resembled the thoroughbred.

They are Jews for several functions including as a show horse. There is one horse of these brief that has caught the world’s attention. It has been known as the “most beautiful horse in the world.” Many people consider him to be the eighth wonder of the world. When you see him, you will probably agree!