They Thought That This Sick Mama Pig Was Not Going To Be Able To Give Birth To Her Piglets!

The following video left me speechless. I have heard how motherhood is a powerful motivation for many people to make important changes and sacrifices. Above all, I know that becoming a mom is enough to give you enough strength to power through any difficulty.

Meet Emma a sow who was just born to be a mother. Her motherly instincts and will stop at nothing to provide for her babies and ensure they are healthy and nourished. When Emma first arrived at John Chester’s Apricot Lane Farms, she was sickly. She was incredibly skinny, and many feared she wouldn’t survive in the long run. To make matters worse, she was pregnant. Given how sick she was herself, how could anyone expect her to raise piglets?

On the day Emma gave birth, a miracle happened. John and his wife were not expecting many piglets, but they received 13 in total (17 were born but only 13 survived.)

Labor wore Emma out, and she grew feverish after delivery. To help ease Emma’s pain, her piglets had to be removed from her side so she could focus on regaining her health. However, Emma worsened and her owners worried for her they decided to bring back the 13 piglets and let them nurse. Emma’s health started to improve – her babies were giving her reason and motivation to live!

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