I Thought This Was a Normal Christmas Tree — Until the Lights Went Off, WOW!

Christmas Tree

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree, and let’s admit it: We’re all very proud of our trees. This guy is no exception.

The video below shows what looks like a normal, but looks can be deceiving.  This is much more sophisticated than most trees because it’s computer-controlled.

You will not be able to take your eyes off this video because this tree is utterly HYPNOTIC! Seeing it on YouTube is one thing, but imagine being in that living room watching it is a whole different experience!

A lot of effort went into this incredible Christmas tree. According to the YouTube description of the video, the tree is computer controlled and uses over 23 amps of power when it’s fully operative. The 10 ft tree has over 7000 lights on it. Whoa!

What a hoot! Share his psychedelic Christmas tree video with your friends. They’ll get a kick out of it.