I Thought It Was Weird When He Wanted Me to Meet His Parrot, Then It Did THIS and My Jaw Dropped!

Before today the most talented bird I had ever seen definitely had to be the rockin’, Elvis-loving cockatoo’s, but now I think this new video definitely takes the cake.

Check it out to see this incredible parrot pull of some seriously challenging moves – I had no idea birds could dance like this!

Irish tap-dancing has been popular for centuries, people around the world tapping and tapping to the fast-paced traditional music of their homeland.

Parrots aren’t really Irish, but this one little guy could totally pass. He goes all out as the violin rages, tapping his tiny little feet as fast as he can. It’s quite the sight, especially because his little claws actually make the clicking noises too.

He must be a natural, because he definitely had no lessons but keeps on rhythm, moving perfectly to the beat of the music. Apparently some have been saying he isn’t dancing, so much as marking his territory in an aggressive manner. Maybe, but to me it seems like this cute little guy is definitely have a good time. I could watch this for hours!

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