Three Elephants And 14 Wild Dogs Engage In Tense Stand-Off. What Happens Next Is Incredible.

Living in the wild is one of constant vigilance. A situation can go from being calm and idyllic to frantic survival mode in literally the blink of an eye. The motto out there is: There is ALWAYS something out there that wants to kill you. Be ready. It can be a solitary predator that comes stalking in the middle of the night to what we see here – a pack of wild dogs brazenly trying to get their food in broad daylight.

We see a mother elephant, a slightly younger elephant, and a calf all walking together. 14 wild dogs are tracking them, clearly intent on making a meal of the calf. As brutal as that seems, it’s nature in action. These dogs can’t call for delivery food. The pachyderms have no intention of letting their littlest one become dog food. The mother is trumpeting for help. The next few minutes are literally life-or-death.

It’s really a tense game of cat-and-mouse here. The elephants keep moving forward – I’m amazed at how fast the mommy elephant can spin around given her size. Every time the dogs creep in at what they think is a vulnerable angle for the calf, she zeroes in on it and closes it off. It’s oddly fascinating to watch, even though I’m ultimately rooting for the elephants to get to safety.

The cavalry arrives just in time in the form of several other massive elephants. It looked like it would be touch and go for a while longer, but the dogs got discouraged and ran off. Yes, they need to eat too, but the fates smiled on the elephants that day. There will be days that the dogs are the victors and they will feast. I just hope that nobody is around with a camera when that happens.

What a bunch of brave elephants! I was on the edge of my seat. How about you? You can post your thoughts and feelings below.

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