Three formidable elephants form a new family after being rescued

Three rescue elephants playing

Three elephants with harsh upbringings come together in an elephant park to form a new family. Their names are Kabu, Chana, and Ploythong. Kabu dislocated her leg when she was a baby.

Chana was separated from her mother at a young age and broke her leg under known circumstances. She worked on the streets as a performer for a show.

Ploythong has been blind for many years. She’s spent most of her life providing tourists with riding services. They have been all brought to an elephant park where they no longer have to work.

Three rescue elephants playing

As they got to know each other, Chana and Ploythong grew very close. Unfortunately, Kabu has a problem making friends with Ploythong. Chana works hard to make sure they get along.

Since Ploythong is blind, Chana has taken it upon herself to become her guide. She makes sure that Ploythong is safe and happy wherever they go. And Chana has welcomed Ploythong as her second nanny.

Together the three of them had formed a new family. They survived traumatic experiences, and thanks to their love for each other, they have grown stronger. At the park, they can enjoy their lives.

Chana, Kabu, and Ploythong have become inseparable. They play together, eat together, and bathe together. The three elephants could not be happier.

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