Three Generations Of Family Members Tell Of Bigfoot Sightings. Will This Prove That He’s Real?

When it comes to enduring urban legends, Bigfoot has been up there for a LONG time. Yes, even longer than Elvis Presley, whom many think faked his own death. The problem is, all the footage of this creature is very inconclusive – it could be a picture of a large hairy creature, or a cat could have coughed up a very large hairball on the camera lens. This clip from an Animal Planet show attempts to get to the bottom of one alleged sighting.

We see the Bigfoot hunting team talking to three people. A grandfather, his daughter and her daughter. They were three generations living on land that had been owned since the 1700s, where these sightings had allegedly occurred over those centuries. All three of them claimed they had seen the hairy man/creature. The young girl said she saw him when she was playing kickball with her friend and basset hound.

I do have to say that the re-enactments are laughably bad. The funniest part is when the basset hound looks up, startled at what is supposed to be the Bigfoot watching them play ball from the forest. I wonder how many takes it took for them to do that one. The grandfather also had a beard long enough for him to join ZZ Top. The part that worried me was when he said he saw one while driving… and he was afraid his beer had gone bad. I’m sure law enforcement officers loved hearing that one.

It’s easy to be suspicious of these stories about Bigfoot. Is the TV show feeding too much into the legend or is there something out there? Would this show have been better off on a science fiction network or was Animal Planet the correct venue for it? Is Animal Planet adhering to its basic programming mission or is it stretching the boundaries of what constitutes an animal? That’s a lot of food for thought, I think.

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