Three kittens can’t stand up on their own. I was impressed at what helped them.

There are many healthy animals born each year. Unfortunately, there are also sick or handicapped ones that also enter the world. Through no fault of their own, they find themselves at a disadvantage. Fortunately, there are people out there that make it their mission to make the “disabled” turn “able”. Wait until you see this video of how rescue workers helped these kittens with a condition known as “The Wobbles.”

We see three kittens, each with a support system that allows them to stand up and move around. The system is several ropes fashioned into harnesses that give them total body support. There are wheels for them to be mobile. They can’t get enough of this, showing unfettered enthusiasm as they bat at toys in front of them and just act kittenish. These kitties are having a blast.

These aren’t regular kittens, though. They have a condition called Cerebellar Hyperplasia (CH), which means they can’t coordinate their limbs and keep flopping over. This was picked up in utero because they were exposed to Panleukopenia while their mommy was pregnant. All kittens are usually very floppy at first, but they were doing way long after other kittens had started walking normally.

It’s great that they have rigged up this system for the kittens, since it gives them self-esteem and the feeling that they CAN do something. Their muscles will be strengthened and there is the possibility that they will be able to walk regularly at some point, but they will always need physical therapy. The shelter that they were staying at was offering them for adoption, but only to those who understand what CH is.

I thought it was so cute seeing these kittens playing in their harnesses. No limitations. What did you think? Tell us all about it in the comments section!