Three Kittens Star In Adele Song Parody. I Think It Exceeded The Daily Cuteness Allotment.

There a lot of shelter videos out there encouraging people to adopt dogs and cats. Many of them take the dire angle – “These animals ALL need your help! If you don’t bring them home, then something terrible will happen!” The pictures are of forlorn-looking kittens and puppies. Yes, that might tug at some heartstrings and get some people to come in. Then there’s what the East Bay SPCA did… turned everything on its head.

The video is a brilliant parody of Adele’s “Hello”. The singer sounded just like her and the camerawork was stunning and the sepia tones of some of the shots were just gorgeous. Whoever shot and edited this was a master pro. The kittens are also SO adorable and it’s no wonder that they are all used in this video. They all look amazingly sweet and loving and so rambunctious.

We see the three kittens in various home situations. One of them is adopted by a single woman… there’s a hilarious part where the kitty sleeps on her head and even inside her tank top on the… um… pillows. An older man takes another one. He spends time reading with the kitten and even covers him with tissues when he cries while watching “The Notebook”. The third is brought home by a young girl.

The creative minds at the East Bay SPCA are positively brilliant. They even do other “purrodies” of songs, including “Oakland Pup”, which is a send-up of “Uptown Funk.” The sheer amount of work that must have gone into these videos is staggering. I’m glad that all that effort paid off, though, since the kittens that were in the video did wind up getting adopted. I hope that the SPCA got a LOT more visitors that resulted in a lot more kittens and pups getting forever homes.

It would be great if Adele herself saw this video. I know that Betty White would probably love it, since she adores animals. What other songs would you want to see them cover? Tell us in the comments!

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