Three Orphaned Siblings Got The Most Incredible Surprise Thanks To Key 103!

Few things are as difficult and painful as losing your loved ones before their time, and when it’s your parents, it’s just as excruciating and unbearable as you could ever imagine. The following video tells us the touching story of 4 siblings, Finlay, Mackenzie and Bethany, who lost their parents when they were all still very young to take such a grave loss. They first lost their dad unexpectedly after he suddenly passed, and after that, their mother couldn’t ever quite recover completely of it. She also passed away very soon, of a heart attack, and it left these kids and their entire family devastated.

Thankfully, hope is always the last one to die, and as we can see in the video below, family always pulls through every tough circumstance. After being orphaned, Mark, the children’s uncle, took them in to live with him despite the extremely difficult circumstances. It put a very hard financial strain on the family, since they need a bigger house to allocate everyone properly, and after learning their story, the kind people of Key 103 decided to give them a little bit of help and a surprise to make them feel better and try and get back on their feet after the tragedy.

Videos like this always cheer me right up. Watch it for yourself right below!

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