Three People Over 100 Years Old Give Their Life Advice. I Was Fascinated The Entire Time.

100. It’s a nice round number and people aspire to reach it. Getting a 100 on an exam, for instance. Having someone give you $100 as a gift. Reaching 100 years of age is also a great milestone… though it depends on the condition you’re in when you reach it. I’d want to be able to think clearly and have some degree of mobility. In short, I’d want to be like the people who were interviewed for this video.

We meet three people who have eclipsed the century mark – Cliff, Tereza and John. They all live in England – though not in the same place. They still have a lot of day-to-day going ons in their lives – it’s not like they are staring dully at the walls and just existing. You can tell by their speech that they still have all their mental functions. Whatever your age, these people have things that you can glean from them.

The biggest thing is that this trio of centenarians are not obsessed over how old they actually are. Many say they feel up to 30 or more years younger. It’s a state of mind. I agree with that. While I’m in my forties, I feel like I’m still a teenager. That mental aging process should suit me well as I make my way through the upcoming decades. Another important thing for them is that they are comfortable with themselves, since they likely outlived many people in their lives.

What I found amazing was that the two men were quite mobile for their age, walking around from place to place. I’m not sure about Tereza, because she remained seated throughout the whole video, but she can probably also motor around with the best of them. Whatever your age, you could learn a lot from listening to Cliff, Tereza, and John. While 100 might not be in the cards – a lot of factors go into play – their advice could help extend your life a lot more.

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