Three Week Old Kitten Is Asleep In His Mom’s Arms When This Happens

Baby animals are absolute bundles of cuteness, and the following furry friend is a clear example of this. Meet this three-week-old kitten, sleeping in his mom’s arms. It is well known that cats love their sleepy time. Well, at least I know that my cat personally loves to sleep! But what’s unique about this little guy is that he is so comfortable in his human mom’s arms while he sleeps.

This little baby obviously wants nothing more than to just laze his days away! He’s all cuddled up in his mom’s arms, snoozing peacefully like the sweet baby boy he is!  So adorable!  Just wait to see how he reacts in his sleep. I used to think that my cat was a purring engine but this little guy puts him shame.

Just listen to him purrrrrr. He’s a regular purring machine! It’s a wonder he doesn’t wake himself up, but that’s the blissful sleep of innocence for you. Soo sweet. You can tell his mom loves him a lot! And he must be dreaming some very sweet dreams because his little feet paddle back and forth and even swat at something he’s dreaming about.

I know that cats sometimes get a bad reputation, however I think that the fact that they zealously choose the moments to show their cuteness makes them all the more adorable!

Please watch and be sure to share this clip with all your friends on Facebook! I am sure this will leave a smile on their faces!

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