Three Years Of Separation With Her Human Was Unbearable For This Dog. Now Watch The Moment She Saw Him!

The video below features a dog that has been missing her human for three years. Her owner answered his nation’s call and had to go fight thousands of miles away. So, the dog was left and missed her human more than anything else in the world!

But three years after his departure, her mom took her for a ride to the airport. Inside the airport she saw a familiar silhouette. Then, she smelled something familiar too. It was a smell that she hasn’t felt in over three years.

When the stranger put his bag down and said something in his low voice, she realized that her human had finally come home.

Overjoyed she rushes to him and without trying even to hide her excitement. In one of the most moving videos of all time, this dog really proves that dogs can feel emotion, they can cry happy tears, and most importantly they can love their owners!

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