Throwaway Pittie mama becomes baby brother’s BFF

Rachel was around 4 months pregnant when she adopted a Pitbull, Piggy Pie. The poor soul was a throwaway mom. She was found as a stray with missing hair and skin infection everywhere. However, something about her was very different.

The family decided to adopt Piggy Pie and take her to her forever home. They were much focused on doing anything that would help the scarred Pittie heal emotionally and physically.

The cute Pittie loved her dog bed, and Rachel helped Piggy Pie take baths three times a week to treat her skin infection. This enabled them to bond together. The dog enjoyed all her time with the new mom.

Rachel knew that Piggy Pie was emotionally weak, but the little creature was so sweet that the dog’s mom knew she had to help somehow. The Pitbull knew that her mom was pretty pregnant and would always put her little paws between her belly with her head on top.

When Rachel’s son, Nathan, was born, Piggy Pie always gravitated toward him. She would always be cuddling with him or sleeping next to him. Then, finally, the two of them just understood each other.

Even when it was bath time, Piggy Pie would sit beside him, watch him, and then she would go help him dry off a little bit by licking the drops of water on his little legs. But once Nathan began to walk, their relationship grew more assertive.

Nathan now walks around with his personal entourage. The evolution of their relationship had been just so unique that Rachel looked forward to them evolving together. But Piggy Pie was Nathan’s most significant treasure and BFF.

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Throwaway Pittie mama becomes baby brother\'s BFF