He Throws This Cat Across The Floor But, Wait Till You See The Cat’s Reaction!

How do you play with your cat? What does your cat like? Napping? Purring? Well, you might not believe me, but sliding your cat across the floor may be the most entertaining way to go. Your cat may actually like it.

This video was uploaded by Richard and Buttercup on February 2015. And it is very possible you will be tempted to push that replay button. I watched it more than 20 times. There are two cats in this video and the owner is playing with Richard, a ragdoll cat, and it looks like Richard just can’t get enough.

At first the cat owner gets Richard into position, lying on the floor. I think Richard knows what’s coming. When the owner slides the cat across the floor, I thought the cat would run away to the next room. But to my surprise, he just came back and lay down, and asked for another one. All the owner had to do was tap the floor and Richard would come running.

And he wanted it again and again and again. The owner didn’t even have to tell him to come back. He would run back, totally ignoring the other cat in the clip, and get in position to slide across the floor again. Hilarious.

By the middle of the video I was laughing so hard that I cried a little. Can’t believe me? Just watch the video below and you will be doing the same. He is one adorable cat. Do let us know about your views and opinions on the comment section below.

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