Little Cat Surprises Everyone With His Strange Way Of Appreciating A Scratch On The Back

CatI’m sure we all enjoy a good back scratch from time to time. Even cows have been seen lining up alongside trees or fences and having a good scratch. The same is true for this pretty blue cat and he thanks the human scratching him in such an adorable manner.

The cat and his white-footed tabby buddy are enjoying a nice afternoon on their patio. You can see their owners take good care of them because there are food and water bowls out for the cats and they are both a bit on the… round side. Or perhaps they are just really furry.

CatIn this video, a person has bent down to pet the cat while someone is recording the encounter. And the funniest thing happens when he scratches the cat’s back, he utters the most unusual babble of appreciation.

The little darling seems to have a sweet spot, it’s almost like pushing a button. Every time the man rubs that certain spot, the cat repeats his adorable, weird little chatter. This clearly amuses the man and the person recording the video.

That cat is one appreciative little fellow and I’m sure he doesn’t want the human to stop. You can almost see the bliss on his furry little face, it must feel so good.

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