Tiger Lets Carer Comfort her When She Gives Birth to Twins

Animal birth videos are something marvelous to watch. Cats and dogs are very different from wild animals when giving birth. While a female cat or dog may look to her human to help her, this is not true for wild animals. Their instinct is to protect their newborns. Interfering in a wild animal’s birth could have disastrous effects.

Australia Zoo has a tiger enclave they call Tigers About the House. When one of their resident tigers, Caitlyn, got pregnant with twins, the caretakers were overjoyed. They followed her pregnancy closely, doing checkups, and everything seemed to be going smoothly.


Caitlyn had never had any cubs before, so they wanted to make sure that she was going to very comfortable for her birth. There was a special room made up for her that she was able to go to when she was ready. As her delivery date was nearing, they also kept a close eye on her mood. Hormones are just as fluctuating in animals as they are in humans during pregnancy, so there were times facing a moody tiger wasn’t avoidable.

When Caitlyn set herself up in her special room, her carer Giles Clark was right on hand. As long as Caitlyn was happy for him to be there, he would stay right nearby in case he needed her. Cameras were set up as well, thanks to BBC Earth, and everyone else at Tigers About the House sat in the common room watching on the edge of their seats as Caitlyn prepared for birth.


After a while, Caitlyn’s contractions grew stronger, and the first cub is born. To stimulate the lungs, Caitlyn needs to start licking and cleaning her wee newborn. While she has started this, the tiny cub is only taking the occasional gasp, but not yet breathing. After a stressful few moments, all turned out okay as the cub starts breathing on his own.

Ten minutes later, you can see sweet Caitlyn go through another contraction, but this was a lot faster, and the twin cub practically crawls out himself. Everyone in the common room watching on video cheers and Giles is visibly relieved that he wasn’t needed.


Finally, we see mama and her two precious cubs resting. Caitlyn has moved over to the opening so she can get some pets from Giles and seems a very happy new mama, indeed. While the video is a bit graphic with the birth, it is beautiful to watch and see how this giant, stunning tiger nurtures her newborn cubs.

Tiger Lets Carer Comfort her When She Gives Birth to Twins