This Tigress Allows These Two Adorable Dogs To Play With Her Cub!

At the Oasis of the Siberian Tiger in Senec, Slovakia, Tigers and Dogs are unbelievably, often raised together from a very early age-keep this in mind. When it comes to wild animals you have probably heard the basic advice: Never come between a mother and her baby. This is sound advice, even when applied to humans. We probably all have scary stories after someone incurred our mother’s wrath.

You have probably heard of different cases where tigers and other wild-baby animals are fostered by humans, however these are really exceptional cases, were the little cubs cannot be left alone and their mother is not around. Usually Tigresses are supremely fierce whilst protecting their litter.

Now in the video below you’ll see a couple of adorable German Shepherd get a free pass to approach these baby tigers, are you surprised? Well, this unlikely relationship is able to flourish thanks to the efforts of the organization mentioned above! Watch this genuine friendship, forged from birth, and enjoy the unbelievably cute interaction!

The adorable exception that this tiger mom makes for her two friends is a true testament that true friendship can get beyond any difference, even in nature!

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