Tim Conway and Harvey Korman in laugh-out-loud submarine parody, you’ll have tears in your eyes!

Tim and Harvey parody hit movie Tora! Tora! Tora! as only they can do in this must-see sketch from The Carol Burnett Show

If you’ve seen the Japanese and American hit war movie Tora! Tora! Tora! then you’re already primed and ready for this sketch. If you also grew up watching The Carol Burnett Show with your family every Saturday night on CBS then you’ll especially love this hilarious gem.

Whenever comedy legends Tim Conway and Harvey Korman were in a sketch together, you knew you were in for a sidesplitting treat.  Usually, Harvey is the straight man to Tim’s bungling clown, but in this sketch it’s Tim playing the straight-laced admiral to Harvey Korman’s clumsy sailor.

This dynamic doesn’t last long though, because Tim can’t help but make mayhem with one sight gag and crazy stunt after another.  Before long, both kings of comedy are chewing up the set with their over-the-top zany antics.

Add to it that their dialogue is entirely in mock-Japanese and you’ve got yourself a winner. Despite the fact that they say nothing in English, these two masters of comedy communicate their plans to the audience perfectly.  First, they’ll secretly land in San Francisco.

Harvey is then to rent a U-Haul truck and drive to Las Vegas, and then on to Cleveland.  Without saying a word we can understand, Harvey’s character makes clear that he’s excited to get to Vegas so he can see Frank Sinatra perform.

We bet you can guess that things go horribly wrong for these two bumbling seamen. Just wait until Tim lowers the periscope and winds up getting hung on it. What a hoot! Conway is a master of physical comedy.

And you won’t believe what happens when they accidentally open a torpedo tube. Someone’s in for a wild ride, that’s all we’re going to say about that.

Did you know that Harvey Korman was a cast regular on The Danny Kaye Show back in the 1960s?  That’s where he first met Tim Conway.  When that show got canceled and Harvey joined The Carol Burnett Show, he was thrilled when a few years later Tim Conway joined the cast in the mid-1970s.

Click the video below to be taken back to another era and laugh your socks off at this hilarious WW II parody.  Trust us, you’ll want to share it with a friend. Enjoy!